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Green Day has posted a couple Instagram photo’s from their practice space showing the full album setlists they had played (Insomniac and then Dookie) but the reason behind it remains unclear. In an Instagram Livestream on Dec 8, 2018, Billie confirmed in the comments that he has begun writing the new Green Day album saying “I’m writing new songs for gd now”.


December 8/18 – Billie comments “I’m writing new songs for gd now” during an Instagram Livestream. This is the first official confirmation fans have received that work has begun on a new Green Day album.

August 1/18 – Mike continues the trend with his group photo posted to Instagram with the Insomniac setlist that the band played that day in practice.

July 26/18 – Tre posts a group photo to Instagram with the Dookie setlist that the band played that day in practice.

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