Foxboro Hot Tubs - Stop Drop And Roll
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Release Date: April 22, 2008
Length: 32:38
Studio: Jingletown Studios
Label: Jingletown, Warner Music
Producer: Chris Dugan
Band Members: Billie Joe (vocals), Mike Dirnt (bass/vocals), Tre Cool (drums/percussion/vocals), Jason White (guitar/vocals), Jason Freeze (keyboard/saxophone/flute/vocals), Kevin Preston (guitar/vocals)
Notes: Garage rock album Green Day recorded while in the studio working on ’21st Century Breakdown’.


  1. Stop, Drop And Roll
  2. Mother Mary
  3. Ruby Room
  4. Red Tide
  5. Broadway
  6. She’s A Saint, Not A Celebrity
  7. Sally
  8. Alligator
  9. The Pedestrian
  10. 27th Ave. Shuffle
  11. Dark Side Of Night
  12. Pieces Of Truth
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