The Green Day Cover Project is covering a song from each of Green Day’s albums. The song to be covered is voted on by fans on r/GreenDay. Anyone is free to submit vocals, guitar, bass or drums which will also be voted on with the winning selections used for the cover. If you’re interested in participating, head over to our discord and check out the #cover-project channel.

Project Status: Accepting submissions for Brutal Love from ¡Tre!


Project Co-ordinators: Praesagium & Schmitzerbourg

Paper Lanterns
Vocals: Fyre
Guitar: Nic15
Rhythm Guitar: Manny! At The Discord
Bass: Nic15
Drums & Mixing: Nic15

2000 Light Years Away
Vocals: Nic15
Guitar: SmokedFeesh
Bass: SoloLusky1
Drums: jhdrumming
Mixing: BeepBeep2

Welcome To Paradise
Vocals: Elite_Predator28
Guitar: Fyre
Bass: Vibby_01
Drums: jhdrumming
Mixing: Joeribraams

Westbound Sign
Vocals: Fyre
Guitar: Nic15
Bass: Fresh Follies
Drums & Mixing: Nic15

Vocals: Bluey
Guitar: Will-Lord Alge
Bass: Nic15
Drums & Mixing: Will-Lord Alge

Vocals: Nic15
Guitar: Manny! At The Discord
Bass: teinkie
Drums & Mixing: Nic15

Vocals: Bluey
Guitar: Pascal
Bass: Nic15
Drums & Mixing: BeepBeep2

East Jesus Nowhere
Vocals: Andy1123
Guitar: Nic15
Bass: MightyKartoffel
Drums & Mixing: Will Lord-Alge

Stay The Night
Vocals: Nic15
Guitar: Pluckyjokerhead
Bass: MightyKartoffel
Drums & Mixing: Nic15

Vocals: Trilogy-Dude
Rap Vocals: RosemaryCrafting
Guitar: Nic15
Bass: MightyKartoffel
Drums: PearlDrummer
Mixing: BeepBeep2

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